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Sunday, May 28, 2006

What’s the key to success in PR? Football of course.

With the World Cup upon us I thought is was time to discuss the link between football and PR and journalists. Well take advantage of the hype and contribute to the saturation levels of advertising coverage we are all getting.

He is my attempt to jump on the bandwagon:

It is imperative for the success of any local media campaign to know your football.

I can think of three publications where my knowledge of Liverpool, Aston Villa and Leicester City has been key to building up a relationship with journalists.

I am a Mancunian so I naturally support Manchester City. This works well. We always lose to Liverpool. I can commiserate with Aston Villa fans, as both teams can be desperately bad. And Leicester City? Well, I studied there. There is an association and common ground.

I have even had a conversation with a Man Utd fan that is the editor of reputable business magazine and still left on good terms. But then again he is a Mancunian so I can accept his persuasion, however abhorrent.

Even if you don’t like football you should at least be conversant in football.

Whether you do PR, network or expos it is always good to have a subject that can break the ice and help to build a rapport.

But the rule that always applies is if you don’t have a good product, a story or release, then your friendliness with a journalist will not yield good results in the medium and long-term, even if it works in the short-term.

The best branding, marketing or PR will not work if the product or service is not of a high enough standard.

Terrific product, excellent marketing and having an opinion on who should be the next England manager will work very well though.
And I will be glued to the screen, following England all the way to the quarterfinals.


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