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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What Artisan offers

If you are joining us from clicking through from What's New In Marketing, I will offer just a quick view of what we do.

First many thanks for reading the article.

I am interested in finding out what you think, so please leave a comment, even if you disagree.

We offer PR - getting companies into the media that their clients and potential market reads.

We are not an agency but a freelance operations meaning costs are lower. It also means that we are keen to get business through recommendation, so we will do a good job for you because it is our best way of advertising.

So no Ad Fab, spin doctors or fluff but PR for business benefits.

If you want to know please contact me on


Blogger Simon Wharton said...

Hey Rob,

I'd love to read the article, but you haven'tposted a link to it, unless I'm being stupid.
I spoke to our client, and they're really happy with speaking to you about their PR. They thought your approach was spot on so they have confidence

3:21 AM


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