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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tony doesn't get it

Tony Benn turned the tables on the interviewers last night on Channel 4. He questioned Paxman, Robinson, Snow and Humphreys about democracy and the media.

His point is that the media distorts the news. It selects the terminology and commentators. He had a point. But he doesn't realise how the media works. The criteria for newsworthiness is based on novelty, power and entertainment amongst other things. Local councillors being interviewed is important but as one of the interviewers said why talk to the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room, in other words power is so centralised the accountability is in Government and the civil service not with local councillors.

Tony still did not get it.

Robinson pointed out that democracy and the media was now open to all through the Internet. Perhaps this has replaced as Snow puts it the "PR firewall" that protests the politicians and gives only the information they want us to hear.

It was a little suprising to hear Benn being so naive when it came to the media. He has been using it and studying it for over 50 years. Maybe he should get a copy of the Day Today for a more realistic perspective.


Blogger Rhoderick said...

It depends on what you want him to study. Your favourite sources or his.

3:14 AM


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