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Sunday, November 26, 2006

North Korea tries to change its image

If you thought Kazakhstan are not getting their PR quite right in regards to Borat, then take a look at North Korea and its latest PR “coup.”

North Korea tried to ban Team America in former Communist states, including the Czech Republic, because of its unflattering portrait of their supremo Kim Jong-Il. Megalomaniac psychotics that regularly torture and execute three generations of a family for the suspicion that one member could be disloyal really should be treated with respect.

But in a new change in PR strategy Kim is holding his own Woodstock or Glastonbury in Pyongyang in 2007. The festival – Rock for Peace- will aim to bring harmony and international understanding.

Big names such as REM and Radiohead have not been confirmed as there are a few restrictions.

No Glorifying:
Non-governmental society
Anti-DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

Strange the North Korean state glorifies war, commits murder and rape, is imperalistic and is anti-socialist; they might want that for themselves.

Well if you compare how most totalitarian dictatorships have had a brilliant understanding (much to history’s detriment) at image and media manipulation, North Korea is a little behind in captivating international support.

Still, if you are interested I do not think you will have to go to eBay to get tickets.

There could be a big PR contract if you can fill it.


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