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Monday, November 20, 2006

NW Business Insider discusses blogs

The NW Business Insider featured the great and good discussing the pros and cons of the blog for business use.

It must be a contentious issue because it received 4 pages of comment.

There were a few dissenters claiming that its value was a little dubious or one that claimed that he received a dozen e-mails about his insightful and colourful comments each day. Really?!! There are no comments on virtually any of his blog. But readers prefer to e-mail rather than leave a comment linking back to their blog. And it is a blog with no images and no links and has long diatribes. I do not buy it. Any bloggers out there will not either.

Still, most business people do not have a clue about blogs and so many will be caught up in the agendas of others in the article.

There are those that want to believe, those that do not and those who do not care about using blogs for business.

Just like the attitudes towards websites, marketing and PR.


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