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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sean Langan - a master journalist

I have to give a mention to Sean Langan - a true gem of a journalist.

We might hear, from time to time, the hyped up cliche of a fearless, investigative journalist bravely finding out uncomfortable truths and alerting the public and politicians to the danger our society faces. Well, with Sean Langan such plaudits are not over the top. (Donal McIntyre you will have to do better).

In last nights documentary Sean was in Afghanistan talking to the Taliban and al Qaida at considerable risk to himself. The reprise documentary shown on Tuesday shows him investigating the situation with the British and Afghan armies in Helmand province.

The films have real tension, insight and initiative: Sean was banned by the MoD from travelling with the army (even though the military wanted him to accompany them) but he still managed to come along with a unit of the Afghan army assigned to the British army instead.

There are some in their professionals that really stand out, almost rising above their field; Sean Langan is one such individual and should receive all the praise he deserves.

Truly riveting journalism.

For more comment go to Channel 4 and Times Online blog


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