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Monday, December 04, 2006

Manchester becomes a wi-fi city

Manchester is leading the way in becoming a wi-fi city.

The Digital Development Association is determined to make the city of 2.2.m the largest free wi-fi hotspot in the country. Initially 100 square miles will be covered rising to 400 sq miles.

The ambition is to compete internationally: better infrastructure more investment. The UK's second city will certainly be first in more things than football and music.

Full story on the BBC


Blogger Tom said...

Interesting one this. Reading the RFI ,it doesn't specify Wi-Fi at all. Although that is clearly the assumed technology solution, it isn't necessarily the right one. For example, why build a new WiFi network that covers 2.2sqm when there is already a mobile phone network that covers the whole region/country/world?

There's also the question of who should pay for it. Is there sufficient economic/social benefits for this to be publicly funded, or is it a service that consumers/businesses ought to pay for?

Might be a theme I pick up here.

7:52 AM


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