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Friday, January 12, 2007

Social media and Brett Lee

Social media will increasingly be important as a marketing tool for the most forward thinking companies, but the following example is not perhaps what came to mind as a salient example of how it is transforming the marketing world.

Brett Lee, Australian fast bowler, is advancing his career through You Tube.

Brett a keen musician - well he hardly has to apply all his energies to beating England - is having a minor Bollywood musical hit. The cricketer has teamed up with Indian music legend Ashe Bhosle for a love ballad. You're the One for me, written by Lee, could be the start of something.

It is proving quite a succes on You Tube. It really grows on you (and is less painful than watching England) click through for the video.

And take note technology can be used for good and evil although I am not sure where this stands.


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