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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hoodies and the Internet

The South Manchester Reporter ran a feature in the current issue which points the way to get coverage.

I have to say I really like the paper. It is a local paper that is well read and liked. This is owing to the strength and appreciation of its editorial team and content.

Before I sound sycophantic I will get on with it:

A hoodie was captured on a mobile attacking a peace loving hippie at a impromptu gig. The amazing video is apparently making the rounds on the Internet: terrifying and voyeuristic. The fans of the band - Drongomala and the Zeitgeist Orchestra - were no walk overs and fought back. The hoodie ran off with a menacing threat.

We learned that the gig was illegal, but more happenings are in the pipeline. There were no complaints to the police - no suprise the crime was staged. But the viral marketing campaign needs a nudge, so the PR.

It sounds like a vehicle for publicity.

The Reporter is the best local paper of its kind that I know. I will attack these hippies to make a story if necessary. There are better stories in South Manchester and if someone makes one up I want to profit from it.


Blogger Drongomala said...

Hi Artisan - other than the gurn inducing term 'hippie' which seems to be glued to whities associated with Indian music I'm digging your article....the attack wasn't staged and is just how the world refracted on that day....

however we are showmen and context is everything which is why I have the role of 'Zeitgeist Orchestrator'.

Our concert at the red light area in manchester at midnight (same day as the chorlton gig) was engineered to give PR drama too...we were proper scared at that one..

If you need some consultancy on the agitation and miking of the underground then do let me know;)

6:17 AM


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