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Thursday, January 25, 2007

China to become Internet superpower

China is not only growing at a phenomenal rate economically; it is also going to be a world beater in terms of Internet users according to the China Internet Information Network Center.

China's economy posted growth of 10.7% in 2006, 0.3% higher than 2005 according to the China Daily. The expansion has been so fast that the government discovered half way through the year that the economy was $100 billion bigger than previous estimates.

The Internet is not disappointing. China has 137 million users and bullish predictions estimate in as little as 2 years it could be the Internet superpower - surpassing the number of users in the US. J P Morgan is being more cautious and has stated that it will be closer to 190 million by 2010. Nevertheless growth is tremendous and impressive for the last year at 26%.

This has been helpful to growth and the Chinese government promote its use for education and business. However, China's 600,000 bloggers have more of a task breaking down the Great Firewall of China and promoting free speech as there are 50,000 officials monitoring traffic.


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