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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jade - PR turnaround of the decade possible?

I am not sure if Jade Goody has been reading this blog or taken the hints given to her last night in the Big Brother diary room, but she might come out of this better than anyone could have expected a day ago.

She has apologised and made up with Shilpa. Shilpa accepted her assertion that she is not racist. And I do not know why but she accepted a conciliatory hug.

Jade shocked at her behavior and outbursts when played back to her when she left the house offered a complete apology:

“I do not approve of any of my actions and I do not approve of the words that came out of my mouth....I look like a complete and utter nasty small person - the sort of person I don’t like myself.

I am not a racist and I sincerely, with my hand on my heart, apologise to anyone I have offended out there."

I am sure she will do further interviews with the broadcast media as well as the newspapers. If she reiterates her comments she might get out of this with the damage greatly limited. Indeed in the her first Big Brother she threatened to "deck" another contestant much to the ire of the press. She was voted 4th in Channel 4's 100 worst Britons, "beating" Alex Ferguson, Edwina Curry, Catherine Zeta Jones and Naomi Campbell. This hasn't harmed her career at all.

So she might be back sooner than you think but not perhaps on a Channel 4 "reality" TV show.

I hope this the last entry on Big Brother; time to move on.


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