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Saturday, January 13, 2007

PR disasters and successes of 2006

Rainier PR has resorted, very successfully, to the old, tired, tried and tested method: a survey.

But it is quite an engaging one: the PR disasters and successes of 2006.

On the success side is the Think Pink breast cancer awareness campaign and You Tube, which scored heavily.

On the disaster side the Mills - McCartney saga and Madonna's adoption of a Malawi child did no favours for the near 3,000 respondents with over 50% plumping for the Heather - Paul debacle as The 2006 PR disaster.

Some PR successes and disasters that apparently did not make it:

PR successes:
The Beckhams - how can a vacuous and talentless pop "singer" who cannot sing and her aging (in football career terms) husband - who wasn't anywhere near the best player at either Man Utd or Real Madrid - still hog the headlines? That must be good marketing and PR, surely?

PR disasters:
It's a draw:
The UN's inability to do anything about Dafur, which has claimed 2 million lives
The US failing to win over the middle east to their war on terror or making democracy look more appetising than home grown dictatorships

Crisis PR award:
Hizbollah inadvertently starting a war, winning hearts and minds as they rebuild and pay for the damaged homes - in the villages they hid out in and which drew in fire- with Iranian money; they are in a stronger position to push out the democratic government of the Lebanon.


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