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Saturday, February 24, 2007

100 greatest Mancunians

I was in the offices of the Liverpool Daily Post on Friday. Inside the foyer there is an exhibition called 100 Heads by Liverpool artist Anthony Brown.

The exhibition of the city's personalities has been conveyed in a unique way - pictures, words and other important mementos and references to each of the subject's portraits makes up the picture. The multi-layered approach is quite striking as you can see through the painted portrait to the references.

The selection of the 100 heads has some omissions based on popularity or notoriety: Paul McCartney being one. But focuses on contributions and passion for the city.

Who would the top living 100 heads be for Manchester?

Well a start could feature these 20 that are listed:

Colin Bell - Manchester City legend and charity worker
Tony Wilson - media personality and founder of Factory Records
Bez - Happy Mondays
Pete Postlethwaite - actor
Steve Smith - former England rugby union captain and joint owner of Cotton Traders
Mani - bass player for the Stones Roses
Pete Shelley - Buzzcocks
Morrissey - The Smiths
Andrew Flintoff - cricketer
John Thomson - actor
Sir Cyril Smith - former Liberal MP
Mike Doyle - Manchester City legend
Peter Hook - bass player for New Order
Yeung brothers - owners of the Yang Sing restaurant
Mark E Smith - lead singer of The Fall
Howard Jacobson - Jewish writer
Sir Norman Foster - architect
Terry Christian - DJ and television personality
Steve Coogan - comedian
Ricky Hatton - undefeated welterweight boxer

Is it close to your list of living Mancunians that refelect the city?


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