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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is there no such thing as bad publicity?

I often hear this but it is far from a watertight statement. Ask Vladimir Romanov.

The Lithuanian / Russian has an uncanny knack of seeking the spotlight by alienating all those around him including his own players at Heart of Midlothian and the Scottish players' union. (Picture of Hearts fans marching in protest through Edinburgh).

Mr Romanov's entry on Wikipedia has an interjection offered by a kindly Hearts fan on his unorthodox management technique. The quote manages to encompasses two four letter expletives and strongly requests Mr Romanov to go back home all in one sentence - quite impressive.

The Hearts owner has managed once more to upset the Scottish football fraternity by stating that Rangers and Celtic bribe referees, are underhand and could be beaten by his other club , the mighty FC Kaunas.

Some people grow by generating brilliant PR, other die by poor PR being written against them and some decide they are going to damage themselves for a chance to be in the spotlight.

The Romanov dynasty, no relations, which ruled Russia was excellent at inflicting damage on itself as well.


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