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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marketing is all about relationships

Today I got a call from India; he found my number on a directory. The caller asked me did I have a mobile. I said "yes" and that I was not interested.

The other day I was in Manchester City Centre, on Market Street, and there were a couple of young men asking shoppers if they had had an accident with a view to legal action. They looked disinterested and they puffed on their cigarettes while they regrouped after a series of rebuttals. Not a reassuring image.

What is the link?

In both cases they are unsolicited and cold approaches for business. We buy, surely, when we like and trust the supplier.

I have, since I first acquired a mobile some 10 years ago, only bought through Carphone Warehouse because of their excellent service and advice. Was a cold call going to break that relationship? No.

In the case of a personal injury I would go first to lawyer my family have known for many years. Would I trust a company that is so cheap as to use minimum wage sales on Market Street? Would I break an association going back 50 years or more? No.

Marketing needs to make your potential client aware of you, then like you and then trust you. It still amazes me these lessons have not been learnt. Some companies persist with direct marketing that is not targeted on the premise that mud against a wall sticks. Let them have their mud, I am sure they do not mind dealing with unqualified and in many cases unprofitable leads.

Surely new marketing techniques such as blogging as well as older ones such as PR and networking must be the way forward as more and more people buy on relationships.

There is still a place for direct marketing, but only if it done well.

As for directories I am having my doubts but there is a case for them as I will discuss on the next entry.


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