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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Toby Harnden entry features in South Manchester Reporter

The South Manchester Reporter has picked up on the recent entry about Toby Harnden, which featured on the Artisan blog on the 31st January, in this week's edition of the newspaper.

The piece shows the real power of blogging and the changing balance of the media - small PR outfit interacting with senior US journalist for The Telegraph about a damaging piece written in the Guardian about him.

I would like to thank everyone who left a comment or linked or tagged the piece. Toby was given a rough deal that could have ended his career and perhaps we can redress, even if it is slightly, the hollow accusations and tarnishing of his credibility and integrity that he has faced.

If you want to read the story again or are a South Manchester Reporter reader and wish to read in full the original piece please scroll down. The newspaper piece begins to unravel the story near its end and so a cursory glance can make it look as though Toby was in the wrong. He is not. It is the bloggers who left personal attacks and newspapers that did not check out their story. Please read the entry here for the complete picture.

The Internet can be a difficult place to police and this includes blogs - maybe that is the story.

Comments and any tagging or linking is welcome. Let's see if we can get the truth of the story out online.


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