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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brazen PR has nothing to worry about

There was some tuts of disgust about Brazen PR being found out about planting a story that did not entirely check out, one which led to a falling out with the Manchester Evening News.

Others stated that business to consumer PR agencies apparently stretching the truth is part of the job.

Well, the episode pales when compared to a story coming from Zhengzhou in China - a cat giving birth to kittens and a puppy.

There has been some controversy as there is some debate over whether the "kitten" is a "dog faced kitten" or really is a cat. It all sounds like that Blackadder episode when they thanked the Lord because he had given the king a boy "without a pinkle" until it was pointed out that a boy without a pinkle is a girl.

Before we mock, 2000 wealthy Japanese women have been fooled into buying lambs disguised as poodles has been recently reported in The Guardian and Metro amongst others.

It appears that the owners of the cat and the local Zhengzhou media are enjoying the benefits of the interest; why let reality spoil anything?


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