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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pitching for business with Tom Inspiral

I was trying to get a pitch with a Manchester based entrepreneur who runs a record label amongst many things on Wednesday.

I was invited to catch him for a quick chat at a music event he was organising to see if there was any potential to move forward.

He was rushing about and I was taken up to a VIP area at the Comedy Club until he got a spare moment. So I had to make do with talking with Dave Haslam and Tom Hingely (pictured left) of the Inspiral Carpets.

I have to say Tom is brilliant to talk to, very engaging and he has got rid of the fringe: progress.

He said he recognised me but couldn't place me; I had the same experience as I did not recognise him without his fringe straight away. It must be getting out and about so much.

In the end it transpires that PR or marketing help is not really needed, the record label are pretty much up on it themselves. In fact they are way ahead of many marketers. I learnt about a new marketing technique: bluejacking.

So did I regret using my time for something where there will be no work? Not at the moment. I have arranged to meet up with the entrepreneur to swap ideas. That could be very valuable by itself.

As for meeting Tom Inspiral I found out later that his song This is how it feels is being misused by Man United supporters to taunt City:

"This is how it feels to be lonely
This is how it feels to be small
This is how it feels when your world means nothing at all"

Unfortunately I did not bring him up on this gross violation.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob

Yes bluejacking's been around for a few years now. The Mail on Sunday did an article in their You magazine on it.

It all started as a joke that kids would do to one another.

Personally I think it's another form of spam.

However, I guess if they bluejack at their concerts to the audience that would probably go down well!


PS Sorry to hear that the Manchester Derby didn't go your way

3:57 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


If the Mail on Sunday is ahead of me I am in trouble marketing wise.

As for the derby there is corruption in the game why otherwise would Vassell be allowed to take it?


11:23 AM


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