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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Twitter ye not

The new, the must have, the....

No it's Twitter.

The latest mini blog / MSN messenger type tech application is gaining in popularity.

But what is the commercial, communications or fun value?

I am following the Big Chip awards from PushON's twitterings. I have to admit it is proving useful and if they win an award I will appreciate knowing as it happens or within a reasonable time frame.

It just seems though on many other occasions someone telling me that they are listening to a tune or having a drink is not incredibly interesting or welcome. We have mobiles.

Am I missing something? Still if fulfilling the challenge is to get Frankie Howerd on my blog it must have some value.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

Yes, Twitter...

I too have an account. I've tried it, I can see some uses. Like children asking "when are we there..." on long car journeys.

As you say Rob, we've all got mobiles for when we need to tell people "we're on the train". Or maybe we just want to broadcast that fact to more than the carriage full of people travelling with us?


6:17 PM


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