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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Prince William joins Facebook

With any new technology there are early adopters, later adopters, followers and royal adopters.

Reports are circulating that Prince William (not pictured) has joined Facebook, the social networking site.

Even though it is hard to confirm that this is the real deal, many of the prince's friends have joined up and so it lends credence that this is him.

William names that amongst his Old Etonian and socialite friends he can also count Basil Brush (pictured) in his exclusive circle. That is impressive, the guy's got class.


Blogger pete whitfield said...

Hey Rob, good to read you. I, too, have a Facebook account but as an educator I feel a bit awkward in there! A few students and ex-students have added me as a 'friend' though I don't have Big Basil yet, darn it!

8:52 AM


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