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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

UK first: masters in digital marketing communications

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in conjunction with the E-consultancy is offering a masters course in digital marketing communications.

From a read of the syllabus it is a welcome and attractive proposition. Indeed, you might, as I am, be surprised that no other UK university has designed and marketed the course before. Maybe there are similar courses out there I don't know, but it is good to know that the course is available on our doorsteps and that has to be positive for the digital media industry in the North West.

I think anyone that understands and is able to utilise the skills and knowledge that are given is going to be in some demand, especially if they have the experience.

My only issue is cost. The certificate stage is £3450 plus VAT and the same for the diploma stage. The dissertation stage and the award of the masters will take more than £2000 out of a training budget or a personal bank account.

All education is an investment and I completed a marketing diploma at MMU, which cost considerably lower if I am not mistaken. My CIM (as distinct from my marketing diploma at MMU) cost a few hundred pounds.

Will a lot of the potential intake be priced out? Will they recoup a return within a short time I don't know? Is it essential or will it give you a head start that justifies the outlay?

Please let me know your views.


Anonymous Craig Hanna said...


I'm the training director at and helped put this project together. On the cost front we've had over 100 applications already for 25 places (more places available in January)so its not putting people off.

We believe that this program is well priced compared with other post graduate programs and we certainly believe that it will be a valuable currency in the employment market for those that complete it.

It was a good question though!

5:38 AM


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