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Sunday, June 03, 2007

10 PR dream accounts

It is a bit of a mirror image of the previous entry but the following would be brilliant accounts to work on. Some are realistic aims, others flights of fancy.

(I am very happy with who I work with at the moment but CAMRA hiring me wouldn't hurt).

CAMRA - the campaign for real ale - you don't need a beard or have unstylish clothes to be a fan of CAMRA although the person on their homepage suggests you do. Lots of angles, lots of press to contact and lots of non paper based media to pitch to and of course the research isn't too bad.

Urban Splash - setup form scratch by Tom Bloxham and his business partner in 1993, the Manchester based urban regeneration enterprise has been key to Manchester's urban reshaping. Highly successful and profitable, but not at the expense of staff, coming in 12th in the Sunday Times Best small companies to work for in 2005. PR cannot succeed without a good product and they have one.

An airline - how many interesting stories could you get? Plenty.

Citizens' Advice Bureau - in an age where money and power seem to count for more it is all the more important that they are supported for those who need their help.

In 2006 there were 462 bureaux offering advice from over 3000 locations with 20,000 volunteers. It is a charity and does not receive central funding from the government.

A real and important voice that needs to communicate.

Marketing Manchester - they have an in-house PR team yet if they didn't what a great account and one with regular exciting developments.

McLibel Two - McDonald's can do no right. Wait they might sue me, I better back track. Well two individuals with little post 18 education and few resources stood up to McDonalds and won.

What great great guerrilla PR.

Simon Weston the founder of Weston Spirit- Falklands casualty that proved to be an inspiration.

Ricky Hatton (pictured) - does he need PR? Not really. His friendly attitude, openness and terrific boxing sells itself and he is even a Man City supporter. Are there no weaknesses? Forget crisis PR.

Another Ben and Jerry's - the best and most effective guerrilla campaign of all time? Maybe. How a competitor - Haagen Daaz - created their rival and one that overtook them.

For a chance to orchestrate that.

One short, any suggestions?


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Innocent - the smoothie makers.


PS did you mean Urban Splash were not good enough for PR?

4:47 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


Innocent Drinks good suggestion.

I meant that Urban Splash is a brilliant account to work on


2:12 AM

Anonymous Linda said...

..PR for the lovely Liz Smith, otherwise known as Nana from the Royle Family. And George Michael. Oh no sorry. My mistake. The Seychelles tourist board perhaps?

Great list. :)

3:46 PM


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