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Friday, May 25, 2007

How not to follow up a press release

I was talking to a journalist today about following up and he is getting aggravated by a new ploy by some of the less able PR agencies.

If it wasn't bad enough getting a call saying, "Did you receive the e-mail?," he is getting calls after he has had his e-mails tagged. Essentially if he deletes an e-mail it means he is not interested. With the tagging the PR executive is able to note if an e-mail is opened read and deleted. The inevitable follow up asking for an explanation and trying to resell in again follows.

If a release is strong enough it will be used. Treating journalists as people incapable of making a decision is insulting and patronising. It will back fire.

The better solution would be to invest in thinking and writing stories that sell and not trying to pressurise a journalist into submission.


Blogger Christopher said...

That's not always true. Journalists often appreciate follow-up calls to clarify the information sent rather than write an all-inclusive release. They just don't have the time to scroll through and call us. I've been doing this for years and my contacts still enjoy that benefit.

11:08 AM


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