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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is it easier to be a business to consumer than a business to business PR?

There is definitely a culture gap between B2B and B2C PRs. There should be nothing to prevent a PR in one field working in another.

But there are differences and one of the biggest is how much harder the job is if you are a B2B PR.

If you look at the number of publications a B2B PR can aim at the number is much higher for B2C PRs. Say we take a Manchester based legal practise against a Manchester based clothing brand to illustrate my point.

Let's say the legal practise has a particular expertise in property law and the clothing brand is for the bigger person.

Which publications can you aim for?

Well with the Manchester Evening News you can aim for a page every Tuesday for the legal company, which has a page for professional services, but that includes all professionals services.

You can aim for 2-3 regional monthly business magazines. Occasionally a national. Perhaps trade press from vertical sectors such as construction and the odd lifestyle title. The property press naturally and that is quite well represented.

Your competition is every other legal practise that engages in property work and does PR - that must be a high number.

Yes, it all depends on relationships with journalists, the stories you produce and pitching in as well as being able to see opportunities. Yet look at the channels for the clothing brand:

The Manchester Evening News in lifestyle and the business section
Manchester lifestyle titles, there must be about 12 or more and the titles you can find in the newsagent for national lifestyle titles
The broadcast media locally and nationally
The nationals, The Daily Mail thrives on fashion ideas
Trade press for the clothes industry

And I haven't got onto the wider brief you are probably going to have to be creative and that many B2C clients are very open to PR.

I think I am going to find myself a fashion house.


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