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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Apprentice - it's entertainment and that's official

I came across a story about getting down to the final two on The Apprentice on the BBC website and it came under the entertainment section.

I think this is slightly ironic as this was the first episode where I think it had a real business value. The interviews that the candidates endured gave you a view of how a selection process takes place and how you have to really prepare your pitch.

It was quite entertaining but fairly predictable except that Alan Sugar got it so wrong on "the _______" (fill in your description of Katie)

Sir Alan overlooked her pathetic knowledge of branding and atrocious practical application the branding exercise although she is supposedly a "global brand consultant" on £90,000.

Sir Alan overlooked her untrustworthiness, vindictiveness and ruthlessness and chose her for the final. She unsurprisingly turned him down. Why work for Alan Sugar when you can make a fortune in the media as the new "Nasty Nick?"

One contestant has expounded the view that the majority of applicants are using the show and do not want to win. Whose using who? Sir Alan is being outmanoeuvred or in his parlance "had."

That is why the series hasn't worked for me. The 80s "Greed is good"and complete selfishness approach is outdated and not the best recipe for team or company performance.

Funnily enough the current "PC" approach could also backfire on Alan Sugar.

Luckily we get a respite from such TV pollution for a while.


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