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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Times top 50 blogs - really?

The Times has published its top 50 blogs. These type of surveys produce controversy, but the journalist said this is "a work in progress" - you're not wrong.

There are the ones you would expect like BuzzMachines, but in the small list of 4 for marketing and media is Byrne Baby Byrne. A competitive space. I am happy with the others although some would argue if they are the best blogs in this category, I am not too bothered at least they have substance:

Seth Godin, yes, it is well read and respected.
Edelman is well established.
Tom Glocer alright.

The Byrne Baby Byrne blog is less than 4 months old and I cannot see that it has something to say that makes me think more than usual or says that it should be so well regarded by The Times. In fact if it belonged to someone with less profile it certainly would not be here.

Just because Weber Shandwick is a big agency it does not mean they are necessarily ahead of everyone else, otherwise they would have had this blog a long time ago.


Anonymous Craig said...

Is Byrne Baby Byrne really dark grey text on a black background or is my computer screen playing up!
Even if it featured the best PR advice in the world, if you make it difficult to read what's the use?

5:06 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


yes it is

For me to be in "the top 4 marketing and media blogs" worldwide or even UK you have to be a bit special

After 4 months the only people I can think of that have real kudos is Theodore Levitt or perhaps Max Clifford or someone that has a really interesting PR or marketing job such as the PR for the Royal Family (although that would not happen)

The blog itself has not provided the insight that can justify its plaudit in The Times nor has it served its time and developed a community of readers


5:44 AM

Blogger Simon Wharton said...

That's a shocker really. PR is about placing stories but surely it should be an interesting story. That blog is just tedious. Why would you read it? If you could actually read it because of that naive choice of light on dark for the text

8:58 AM


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