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Sunday, July 29, 2007

North South business divide

The Manchester Blog comments on the north south divide according to business coach Robert Craven.

The key points of difference he feels are:

  1. Northerners are more friendly, more chatty and more blunt, or straight forward
  2. Southerners are less accessible, they’re “lean back” people rather than “lean forward”
  3. Londoners are very much busier, everyone is time poor and has shorter attention spans
I am not really sure about this. I am a professional northerner with the best of them, but you can get some right difficult ones up here. I mean Joey Barton and Edwina Curry are northerners (Scousers to be precise, known for being friendly, funny and down to earth) and I am sure there must be a few friendlier people in the south than them.

Having worked in the south there are differences in culture and outlook. In business, well there is more money around and that makes a difference. In terms of people, generalisations are always dangerous. When you think you have a fool proof formula, an exception comes along to challenge it.


Blogger Robert Craven said...

In my reply to the interview I do make your/the point that these were just sweeping generalisations!



2:47 PM

Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

As you know these are just generalisations and one person's view as they travel the country meeting thousands of business owners.

However, as a good (or should that be great?) PR man you know a dash of controversy always helps a story go well!


1:32 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


It is "great."


4:44 AM


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