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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why you must keep on generating profile

Do you remember Doug Richard?

No? Yes? Cannot place him?

Doug was one of the original dragons on Dragon's Den.

I came across his name this morning, a mention in the paper - the first in a long time.

When Doug was a regular on Dragon's Den his picture if not name would have been familiar. Now, he has faded from view and from interest. To slightly paraphrase the Rolling Stones said, "Who reads yesterday's papers? Nobody in the world."

PR has to be a continual process, just like networking and blogging. Companies that engage a PR then let it go are wasting the initial efforts.

It is still amazing how quickly you fall out of sight and how hard it is to regain that capital.


Blogger Rachel Elnaugh said...


There is a big difference between PR and becoming a TV celebrity. In the Business World Doug still has a very high Profile, and having met him again at a recent business networking event (he was there as Speaker) I think he was actually quite relieved not to be on the Show any more.

Yes, it still gets good ratings as an entertainment programme, but within the Business sector Dragons' Den is fast gaining (has already gained?) a terrible reputation as being something of a Business Reality Show farce, where budding entrepreneurs deliverately chosen for their haplessness are paraded in front of 5 mega business egos only to have their ideas shot down in flames in a kind of modern day amphitheatre.

It is now widely accepted within the Business community that the only worthwhile reason to get on the Show is to get a free primetime TV ad.

What British Business and budding entrepreneurs need is positivity and support, not to be slagged off in front of 4 million viewers.

Doug's business Library House provides real investment and ongoing support to entrepreneurs within the technology sector, and from our last chat, I got the distinct impression that he was glad to be finally shaking off his 'Dragon' persona.

PR is a great marketing tool, but it still has to be relevant and targetted. Chasing celebrity for fame's sake sometimes has a very big price - as Peter Jones has just found out.

11:39 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


Many thanks for your comments.

I accept your comments that many entrepreneurs go on Dragon's Den because they see the opportunity to gain some very valuable TV exposure rather than as a way to secure funding. Is it entertainment or does it have something more meaningful?

The same could be said of Big Brother (sorry to make a comparison) that at first it was a social experiment, now I was going to say "inmates" are on to try and kick start a media career. Who uses who?

I am not making a judgement on Doug or his abilities. I believe from what you say that he is maintaining and building his image but in a way he feels is more effective and focussed.

I want to point out that to build a an image or reputation takes time, effort and continuity.

If I generate some brilliant coverage for a client and then they say "Rob we have succeeded in our aims and we think we can give it a break" I have the feeling that it undoes the initial success, the more time elapses the more the earlier success seems of less value. It is a cumulative process.

PR is a long term commitment, not quick fix, and that is a point I wanted to make.


7:09 AM


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