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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sabi Rock - a man with a marketing idea

I was listening to xfm this morning and the presenter was reading out the latest sightings of Sabi Rock.

First Quay Street and then Trinity Way in Salford. I do not know if this is a regular occurrence, but if you can get yourself talked about on radio by simply walking round with a sign you are on to something.

I mentioned this to Jon Raduch of the Graphics Dept and he told me the man had been in his design agency.

What's he like and is his music any good?

Jon compared him to Jack Johnson, not a good start. It is actually hard to tell from the website because the music sounds as though it has been recorded at home.

He explained Sabi Rock has a website. He has a selection of tunes but only b-sides on it. You cannot buy from him online! What a waste of effort: a marketing tactic that costs nothing except time and has raised his profile more than any other unsigned musician or band in the city and you cannot exploit all that exercise.

Why huff and puff with coming up with new ideas when you can do it with your feet?

Simon I have an idea....

(For a selection of images of Sabi Rock go to Flickr). I have tried to find copyright on this image. I am not sure if there is one or if anyone cares, but if there is please let me know and will accredit or take down).


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