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Monday, July 30, 2007

To over service or not to over service - that is the question

The answer to the question is as diverse as the number of people that answer it.

I know of some PR freelancers and agencies that give you the time allotted and not a second more. At 5pm or when the time has been accounted for it is pens down. If you want anymore pay for it. They might be competitive on rates, but they are strict and professional on the service they deliver in return.

On the other hand I know of a creative agency that purposely over services. This has enabled them to retain clients and must act as a defence against clients being poached or looking elsewhere.

The question is, "Do clients realise and appreciate the change from agency to agency and freelancer to freelancer?"

When a supplier over services by some length and then follows by delivering what was agreed or asks for a higher payment to cover the additional hours, do clients see this as a way to extract more fees?

And over servicing or not?

There is no definitive answer, except that if you deliver results and value it becomes less of an issue. It is though the basis of a feature with survey for PR Week.


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