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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Manchester's own goal: traffic congestion and traffic wardens

A six thirty evening meeting, set-off one hour before and still late by 20 minutes!

Driving onto town against the rush hour you would think that it would be reasonably quick - a little naive.

However, a fine for parking in a bay and buying a ticket is too much. A very alleged minor infringement on my parking is enough for a £30 fine.

This is blatant theft. Should not traffic wardens be there to stop unthinking motorists blocking traffic and access with their parking?

Manchester City Council is using legal robbery to generate revenue. Apparently 80% of appeals are successful. What does that say?

On another level why using the city centre? If you are on the M60 you are easy to get to in the main.

The Council has little respect amongst many in the business community, its traffic policies do not help. And not amount of PR is going to help them if they steal and do not get things right.


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