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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rather have a McJob than a Dominos one - PR disaster looms and it looks deserved

Dominos, that friendly global corporate giant that ensures that you never go hungry, when incapacitated to make yourself something after a drink, has got it itself on the edge of a PR disaster and it looks as though they will fall in a deep PR hole.

Domino has been accused by Eastern European workers of exploitative practice. Newsnight allowed both sides their chance to air views and I was much more impressed by the employees arguments. There were also UK employees with grievances including one that was deducted £100 for theft, well £400 went missing and as no-one could be identified as the culprit all four staff at one franchise were docked wages.

Alleged illegal deductions (including pay checks with minus figures!), forced evictions from workers' accommodation, massed sacking when employees stuck up for better rights, ageist policies favouring employing 16 year olds as they are not entitled to the minimum wage and so on certainly do nothing for Domino's image.

Does it have the potential to gather more publicity?

The union Unite are taking up the case and there will be a chance for employees in court.

Dominos will get through this as long as they stop any malpractice (if it has gone on) and even if it continues. But if we want an alternative to McDonalds (as another globalisation brand villain) they are putting themselves in the frame.


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