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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reuben Singh, PR and fraud

Today's Manchester Evening News is dominated by Reuben Singh - at one time the world's youngest millionaire and a fraud.

Reuben had no business acumen and by all accounts he was a con man. His Miss Attitude chain was sold for £5.

One way he did this was to sue the media to add weight to the illusion of being a business hero. Photo opportunities with Tony Blair and countless interviews.

He even used the mass of positive coverage in the press to convince the Royal Bank of Scotland to give him a rather substantial loan in the region of a million pounds.

One thing Reuben has learnt is that the media can be like fire: a fantastic range of benefits if you use it well, but cross them and you get burnt. In the Manchester Evening News there are nearly 3 pages devoted to unraveling Reuben's business history.


Anonymous Simon Marshall said...

I used to work for one of Reuben Singh's companies. I have to say this blog is going way over the top and contains some factual incorrect information.

Just because he is down people are kicking him knowing that a wounded man will not attack back. So you just say anything you want.

You can not say Reuben Singh is a con man. He genuinely built up a national chain of retail stores employing over 700 people, mostly young people for many years.

He next company is today a highly successful business which employs over a hundred people. A friend of mine still works there today. Yes, Reuben no longer owns the business but to call him a con man is way over the top.

I can only go off what I have read in the press and from what I know first hand and through my friends. He gave a guarantee for his company to the bank. The company was sold and he tried to dispute the guarantee and the terms of it. A judge had to make a decision if Reuben's version of the events was right or a bank director. He believed the bank director. Reuben lost his case and he had to file for bankcruptcy.

So where does the con come into it? We should not and I can not believe that you just walk into a bak and they write your company a million and a half pound loan without doing their own checks?

I am a well wisher for Reuben Singh. He gave me and many other people jobs when we needed them.
He is and always will be an Entrepreneur

Simon Marshall

2:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Simon Marshall. Reuben Singh is businessman like & like all of us this guy just wants to make a buck or two. Good on ya Mr Singh do not let people get you down you do what you have to do.

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish. Totally factually incorrect. I think the writer of this blog is either jealous of Reuben Singh or just wants to discredit him by publishing even more incorrect facts.

The writer could not even get the bank right that sued Reuben Singh. Also when did Reuben Singh sue the media.

It is rubbish like this that has driven Reuben away from the UK. Sad, vey very sad.

3:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if these comments were left by Reuben himself. As a recent employee I can tell you that he does NOT have a hundred staff, perhaps on the books as "zero hours". That is, on the bank of employees that never get called in to do anything.

The guy is barely literate, the judge had it right when he branded him a liar and a fantasist. His business is bullshit. The concept of alldaypa is bullshit ("we never admit we're a call centre!")

Do some research, don't believe anything the guy has said about himself, trust me it'll be a lie. The guy IS making money, the business works. So why is it always in debt? Where is that money? Squirelled away in some account in Dubai no doubt.

He hires staff from the far east on working visas to be dogsbodies; cleaners, number crunchers, drivers and general servants. The guy's as bent as a nine bob note.

IN MY OPINION, so put away the lawsuit.

12:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you see him on your side of the road so better you go the other side. such people be far far away lest they influence you too into some scandal

8:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the last two comments, Reuben Singh is an arrogant, trumped up Con Man. AND it is true ... ALLDAYPA employees are not allowed to admit they are a the words of one supervisor, "it is the cardinal sin to admit". So you are trained to say you are the receptionist, the switchboard, blah blah blah.

So i'm sat in a callcentre in the middle of a weekday afternoon with 14 ..yes 14 other staff (in two different buildings), not the dozens he claims. I'm not actually sure he understands the concept of the truth.

As for the 100+ employees what a load of more crap. After working there myself in the past. There are close to 50 staff at one time on the books, and that is at a stretch.

But i find myself compelled to congratulate Reuben, as i cannot believe people are actually stupid enough to hand over their cash.

2:17 PM

Anonymous webdesignsuk said...

We use alldaypa to manage our phone calls and have been doing so for the last six years. I can not comment on him personally but his company is a massive advantage for us and other companies that we know that use the service. The service has never let us done and the company is always professional when we ring to discuss our account. alldaypa is a vital part of our business so we annually do a financial check on them to make sure that they will do let us down. In 2004 when I think they restructured their company we had issues with the service. Anyway all we can do is give them a positive review

3:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The posting that appears to be an employee is bizarre. The poster says they are working there and then changes to say "after working there in the past". So if the 2 negative postings are true then how come alldaypa is still continue to employ more people in this recession? I was also employed at alldaypa but had to leave for personal reasons. I think it is a good company to work for and I can't say the company has ever done anything wrong to me or any of the other staff. Gotta agree with some of other postings that some people are ungrateful and just jealous.

4:41 PM


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