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Friday, November 16, 2007

Facebook election battleground

My old sixth form pal and MP for Withington John Leech has been challenged by a Labour Party contender on Facebook.

Apparently Labour Party candidate Lucy Powell has 248 friends since joining 3 months ago and John has only 2 since joining a week ago. What a coup! Yes, Facebook is a useful tool, but claiming that somehow your rival is behind the times because you registered on it 3 months ago is a bit rich - and pathetic.

It reminds of Graucho Marx and his character - because he had come off the boat a few months earlier than the other immigrants he thinks he is somehow a bit of genius.

It all just seems like a cheap shot and it notes the use of Facebook, but obscures its value.


Blogger Stephen Newton said...

It is a bit playground.

6:17 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


Many thanks for your comments over the past few months

I don't really want to vote for someone that point scores on such trivia and makes such an issue of it and has only jumped on teh Facebook bandwagon relatively recently


9:26 AM


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