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Monday, November 05, 2007

Manchester PR agencies: Wharton says it how he sees it

Simon Wharton (pictured) of online search marketing agency PushON is not one to shy away from offering strident, and often perceptive, statements on online marketing.

In this issue of NW Business Insider Simon makes no exception with his view on the common lack of understanding of the Internet amongst many PR and marketing agencies:

"Traditional PR and marketing needs a kick up the backside - a lot of it is hugely dated. PR and marketing agencies don't understand the Internet."

"A lot of Manchester PR agencies are absolute rubbish - saying you're a full-service agency is just words."

Sharon Nash of Simpson Burgess Nash and Mike Ryan of Idaho, who I pitched to get featured, are less controversial in their comments but no less interesting can be seen in the November issue.


Anonymous Tom said...

Conversely, can I add that most online marketing agencies know very little about PR and more traditional marketing. I'm not underestimating online marketing, but it has not removed the need for other forms of communication and outreach. It's no good driving traffic to your online presence if prospects are then repelled by poor use of language or design, or if they don't convert because their is no offline support to convince them of your value or credibility.

6:08 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


brilliant points as always.

I think the emphasis has been on online agencies complaining about offline marketers poor understanding of their art - it is a perspective few of us have voiced


7:30 AM


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