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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stockport Express editor gives a few insights on journalists and PR

Peter Devine the editor of the Stockport Express gave an interesting business breakfast talk this morning.

Four key insights he gave on the papers were:

  1. Do not incessantly phone up a journalist asking about whether they have received and are going to use a piece. If it is interesting enough they probably will use it; pestering a journalist can just aggravate them. PRs should know this.
  2. Newspapers do not have axes to grind contrary to what a lot of people think, so do not take not getting in a paper personally - they are just too busy to harbour grudges.
  3. One unfortunate development is that titles are under so much pressure to make a substantial profits and so in some cases advertising departments are making decisions on editorial at some publications because there are not the editorial staff to cope with the workload.
  4. Online media will not swamp offline media and there will be a place for the newspaper in print.

Thanks to Peter and the Chamber for the talk.


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