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Monday, November 19, 2007

Why blog - for new clients? Maybe not

I was talking to Mike Ryan of Idaho and I asked why his website does not change.

The answer was because they only want clients that really want to work with them and who find them through referral. It is not a marketing tool to catch clients.

It goes against the grain of a lot of online marketing thinking, but it makes sense, for some businesses.

Sometimes you will be picked up through a search, as a PR agency, and will be asked to pitch. I have had some good opportunities through such cases. Yet, when you get into pitch you could be one of several PR agencies that is seen. Are you really distinguishable from anyone else? There is one differentiator that stands out - not everyone PR agency blogs. Other than that it is a little like a lottery.

When you have established a relationship with a business that wants to be a client or they have a trusted associates that has referred you then you are on a much better footing.

With Idaho they have an enviable reputation and so this outlook is understandable. Why pitch? The time and effort if you might be an also ran invited to make up numbers is draining.

As Mike said at last year's BEX, "Your clients are your sales people."


Blogger Simon Wharton said...

I've talked with Mike on this as well. We shouldn't really take Idaho as a prime example. Their business plan is hugely subtle and is almost only relevant for Idaho themselves. In a way they subvert brand. It wouldn't be the strategy that I would choose though they have some unique goals.
Your brand presence goes some way to enhancing what you can charge and right now, blog is a superb tool for that.

12:17 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


I agree.

I use my blog for brand and profile.

It is not a lead generator for me although I am asked how much business it generates.


1:34 PM


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