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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogs are commercial - its official

Following on from my recent post that expressed the view that blogs cannot and will not be immune from the intrusion of commerce, I have come across the following article from Scotland's Sunday Herald.

The article concerns this week's Edinburgh conference on using blogs for commercial use.

The upshot of the conference is be honest with your blog and your readers. L'Oreal failed to do this when it made up a fictitious consumer talking about the products. This was soon unmasked by bloggers. But how can you expect anything from a company with the worst ratings by Ethical Consumer for its animal testing? It also has a very dodgy history of decidely pro-Fascist leanings. Still, what are ethics? Ask Anita Roddick who was happy to sell company to them: everyone has a price Anita.

What else did the conference find out?

Make your blog interesting: do not just sell. A blog should be attractive for its content alone.

Is that all common sense? Still worth having a jolly in Edinburgh if your company pays for it.


Anonymous Stuart Bruce, BMA PR said...

Hi Rob, it was a great conference with a good mix of delegates from agencies, public sector and commercial companies.

One of the best things is that we had loads of very good questions and people were being very realistic about what it all means - rather than some of the hype that we hear from the other side of the Atlantic (and from some in London).

We're running the conference again for a final time on November 10 in London. We're also planning a second series next year looking at other new developments and their impact on public relations and communications.

5:29 AM


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