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Friday, August 25, 2006

I´m Tony Parrish

The Liverpool Daily Post is running a fountain of Internet stories.

Today we have the case of a surfer from Dallas who seeing a crime in progress on a webcam in Liverpool, through his prompt actions, foiled the crime. Whether he is being reimbursed for his trans Atlantic phone bill is not clear.

Wednesday - Liverpool City Council and others are taking action against the blog of Tony Parrish. Tony, whose real identity is not known, has made derogatory comments that have provoked a flurry of legal action. The police have said the blog is now offline although it did not break any laws.

The problem is that nobody knows who Tony is. I´m Tony Parish badges having been springing up over Liverpool, naturally inspired by Spartacus.

If no-one knows his identity, what´s the point of legal action?

Unless this is a ruse by hungry lawyers - create a blog, insult some wealthy people, and then sue them. It is marketing genius.


Blogger Tony Parrish said...

I know who I am!

11:28 AM


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