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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is the world of marketing more insecure than publishing?

The old maxim for marketers is: last ones in, first ones out.

I am sure most marketers have been the victims of this truism as soon as a company gets into trouble or a downturn in the economy strikes.

I thought there were few professions as precarious. It seems publishing is worse.

Not only has NW Enquirer gone into administration just as I had, as always, written a fantastic article for them, but also PR Business as well; this time a 600 word piece. I know it sounds selfish - it is - and I know that PR Business going under has been known for a little while, but finding out about two of them in the space of a week was disappointing as both titles had real potential.

The proliferation of some titles in a time when the online media is often free and has some good information sources must mean that this will not be the isolated occurrence we all hope. The issue of free papers comes into the equation although PR Business was free to PRs, so I suspect that there were other reasons.

The proliferation of lifestyle titles in Manchester, for instance, will result in casualties. The publishing world is even harder than the marketing world.

I will publish the PR Business piece shortly on this site.


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