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Monday, October 30, 2006

Quotations for next year's entries

As the new year is approaching fast I decided to buy a calendar for next year.

I decided a calendar with accompanying quotations would be an ideal accompaniment – inspiring me when I have those difficult stressful days. The choice I gave myself was between one with the quotations of the Dalai Lama or George Bush. I chose George Bush.

My thinking is quite simple. The Dalai Lama will calm me down after a pitch where the prospective client decides he didn’t want PR after all and I have wasted my time. But then I thought I have the first series of Kung Fu, so that has all the sayings I need.

It had to be the George book of accidental witticisms. There are enough to fill all 365 days. And it is not so much their comic value as the fact that this man got perhaps the most prestigious job in the world with so little ability to carry out his role.

I used to drink with an Irish guy who professed his love of Bruce Forsyth: you have to admire a man with so little talent getting so far. It’s a twisted logic.

So next year there will be a few quotations to pick you up on this blog.

I have given you a taster here:

“It is in our country’s interests to find those who would do harm to us and get them out of harm’s way.”
Washington DC April 28th, 2005

“I think we are welcomed. But it was not a peaceful welcome.”
On the reception of American forces in Iraq
Philadelphia December 12th 2005

“You took an oath to defend our flag and our freedom, and you kept that oath underseas and under fire.”
Addressing war veterans; Washington DC January 10th, 2006


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