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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Web rage - the first case comes to court

Forget road rage its so last year.

The new trend is web rage.

After exchanging insults in a Yahoo discussion forum, Paul Gibbons drove 70 miles to the house of John Jones where Mr Jones was subjected to a vicious attack.

Gibbons pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and will be sentenced on 7th November.

For the full story please click here. And to anyone who has been insulted by this blog I say I am a dab hand at pouncing budgie paw kung fu.


Anonymous Dassom said...

The old bailey has since posted a warrant for the arrest of a third man involved. The bailiff has named the offender as Solomon Onassis, who apparently funded this attack. Onassis went along "to get his moneys worth". Onassis was also in the yahoo chat room trying to hire people to go around to Jones house and that of a man in Red Level Al, at the time the initial problem commenced. Bail Justice, Robert Lord has stated that a warrant was issued on November 7th for the arrest on site of Mr Solomon Onassis aged 46 from either Malaysia or Australia. The warrant is issued but only available for UK onsite arrest only. 7223aUK0906 issued in London England.

(reprinted from ONLINE BOUNTY HUNTER as a public press release)

5:28 PM


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