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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Journalists do not like to be told what to do nor to be overtly manipulated

You cannot tell journalists what to write. But there are some agencies which still follow a release with a patronising ring around. Some agencies do ring arounds after for a new hire story! Of course PRs should sell in. They have the right to alert a journalist to a release they think is particularly strong and could be missed among the hundereds of e-mails they receive every day. But give the journalist credit for being intelligent and able to analyse and decide upon the info they want.


Well this episode from those hard pressed of all communication professionals - the Bush spokemen - should tell you why.

Of course I just want to get another Daily Show in but this patronising, stage rehearsed episode is exactly how not to do it. Communication is a two way thing when done well. Of course PRs feed info to journalists but force feeding or crude manipulation can have an equal and opposite effect.



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