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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bloggers - guardians of truth

The MSN Spaces Blogging Britain Report survey found that 78% of respondents trust "more traditional media and journalists more than bloggers to provide them with accurate information."

Well, a couple of recent stories show that confidence needs to be invested on a more case by case basis although admittedly bloggers do not have the editorial control and legal advice of more traditional media outlets.

In Saturday's Guardian it was reported that the Daily Telegraph's Toby Harnden published an account of Saddam's execution before it actually happened and consequently it had factual errors. Harnden wrote the piece early because of the time difference, before the actual execution. Harden's blog was pulled by the Telegraph after "non-traditional" bloggers pointed out the inaccuracies.

The BBC published an interesting video piece on the role of bloggers fighting for more objective, non state controlled news. Democracy is based on the free flow of information. See how Chinese bloggers are battling with the "traditional" media outlets and Great Firewall fo China that tries to block all sites that are not favourable to the Communist government. The article is half way down the page in the audio and video section.


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