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Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogging - is it all about Return On Investment?


I saw an interesting article on Drew B's take on tech PR about measuring the return on a business blog. Unfortunately, the premise of analysing a return on investment made me a bit queasy.

Yes, business investment should try to be measured, but the Forrester article that Drew quoted and linked to missed the point for me.

It's all about communication!

It's about establishing relationships and reputation - being recognised as a leader or a least a voice in your industry or field.

What price reputation? What price building strong relationships?

Yes a lead would be great, but it's far from the only consideration.

Forrester kindly let us see a model of how to measure the metrics. I have my Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and post grad marketing qualifications. These models are only a guide and nothing more.

Sometimes the best in any profession do not practice and work hard because they want to win a championship or be rich. They work hard because they enjoy it and it gives them pleasure; the riches and rewards are a bonus.

Surely the best blogs are driven by that rather than a marketing calculation.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...


I couldn't agree more.


10:28 AM

Anonymous Ian Delaney said...

You're right, though, I don;t think it's a case of ROI not being important. It's just that we *still* don't know how to measure it from a project-based perspective, perhaps never will.

There has to be accountability, though, otherwise blogging champions (myself included) are weakened.

2:41 PM


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