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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting the most out of your PR agency - with just a little more effort.

If you treat your marketing or PR agency as simply a supplier they will loose motivation. Your work will be undertaken, professionally perhaps, but it will be just a job to the agency staff.

Treat your agency with respect and interest and they will give you their best.

Agency staff are human. They also have to juggle a multitude of projects from a number of clients at any one time. Companies that treat their agency staff as a welcome extension of their company will receive that little bit extra of effort from their agency, irrespective of whether they are stretched or not.

It takes very little to get the best from an agency providing you have chosen the right one for you. The following, easy to do tips, will take up no more budget. A little time and a positive approach could transform your marketing and online output. The bottom line is that it will produce better results.

10 agency handling tips to improve your results:

Meet your agency team regularly to an agreed timetable

Work through problems – when difficulties arise work with the agency to overcome them: consultation not confrontation

Make briefs as simple and clear as possible – take the time to convey exactly what you want to achieve: it will save time later if the agency understand your aims from the start

Listen to your agency – you pay them for their guidance and advice

Be open and realistic in your interaction

Take an interest in the agency’s work – many companies surprisingly pay for a service and then place it at the bottom of their priorities

Convey enthusiasm in your company and want it wants to achieve – if you are not enthusiastic how will your agency be?

Return e-mails and calls – constant chasing to get a sign off or flag up an opportunity is not an effective use of the agency’s time

Praise good work and results – agency teams are human as well and a little appreciation goes a long way

Payment – late payment or fear of not being paid dampens enthusiasm very quickly; many agencies are perceived as rich but margins can be thinner than clients appreciate


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