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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Manchester media converging strategy - a peak behind the scenes

It is true that PR and digital media are converging and the lines are already blurred.

We always talk about about it from an agency or client point of view; how does it work from a journalists / news providers point of view?

Well, gives an illustrative article.

It gives an overview of MEN Media in Manchester and their strategy of converging the many channels they have to deliver content. MEN Media has the Manchester Evening News, its online portal Manchesteronline, Channel M, 23 newspapers and a radio station.

I was aware of some of the links, but I do not think I appreciated how it works fully - this article gives a really helpful insight.


Blogger Tom said...

Interesting to see the 'C' word applied to news and media. A few years ago one of the big business publishing houses also 'converged' its news operations. It too put a nice positive spin on it, but that didn't come across too well when you walked the floors of its offices to see tens of empty desks. I don't know the situation at MEN - it certainly looked well-staffed when I was in there last week. But the idea of converging media always makes me slightly suspicious that there's a business motive there somewhere.

7:51 AM


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