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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

CTI: using newspapers and blogs for PR

CTI (pictured left) has featured in the Manchester Evening News, including the business media section, and the South Manchester Reporter this week to establish that they are up and working only one day after the Dale Street fire.

As part of the PR I used my blog to get the message out. The blogs of friends to link into my blog helped achieve high search engine ranking.

The combined Manchester Evening News and South Manchester Reporter readership is about 400,000. The readership of my blog and I suspect (with respect) the blogs that covered the story would not combined amount to 1% of that figure for one day's traffic.

Some comments I come across on blogs, portals and other media ask is there any point to blogs when the comparative readership is so low in many instances.

I do not believe a blog is the PR or marketing answer, which some detractors mock it for not having achieved this status. However, not everyone reads newspapers. Moreover, the traffic that came to my blog, in many cases, was coming to view specific content relating to the fire.
In this case the readership of my blog was highly targeted; they wanted exact information and it was delivered.

Blogs are not the major media channel but in an increasingly fragmented media world they cannot be ignored.


Anonymous Craig said...

Hi Rob
As you say the blog and the newspaper articles are providing different services.
The blog would have provided the instant update, your site would have come up in blog search engines very quickly, so if clients of CTI wanted to find out more they could have very easily.

Whereas the newspaper offers the overview piece a few days after the event.

Now what would have been interesting is if the newspaper had been quick enough through a blog-driven section on its site to keep people in touch with the latest on the different businesses in the 24/48 hours after the fire itself.

3:23 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


funny you should mention that.

I was at a meet the editors talk yesterday and the Guardian is doing publishing stories online before the newspaper goes out for certain sections.

Both they and the FT journalist admitted that the nationals have been slow to recognise and utilise the Internet and that situation is being resolved


3:12 AM

Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Rob I agree that Blogs don't get the readership that newspapers do, yet!

And like you say in your comments there has been an underutilisation of the Internet in the UK. As you know I believe the UK is about 12 months behind the USA still in blogging and Web 2.0

You and I are doing our best to speed things up.

The interesting point you made though is that blogs tend to have highly targetted readers. That is where blogs will win out over newspapers in due course.


3:50 AM


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