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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creativity does not cost the earth

What can you do with four band members and 8 running machines?

Create an amazing promotional video.

Quirky indie band OK Go has notched over 18 million views on You Tube with their amazing dance, which can be seen here for "Here It Goes Again." It is well worth seeing.

This makes it the seventh most viewed video of all time on You Tube.

The cost: the hire of the machines, a choreographer who is the sister of a member of the band, and someone to film, which could have been a friend or fan and some production.

The result: It was voted the most creative video on You Tube for 2006. And the album that had failed to do much in a year had a 182% leap in sales and 50,000 more CDs were shipped to stores by the record company, which is almost unheard of after a year has gone with little headway.

If you want to see OK Go's for A Million Ways video click here and be entertained some more.

It just shows that creativity, promotion and success is within anyone's budget.

Thanks to Jeremy Waite of brand designers and green printers Juicy Marketing for alerting me to this amazing video.


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