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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

London Olympics logo let down

The London Olympics logo has been launched to widespread condemnation.

The £400,000 logo has only inspired derision and shouts of "I could do better" although some wouldn't venture so far and claimed their young children could come up with something, anything better.

The logo presented or perhaps being hidden by Lord Coe has meet with a range of comments, nearly all poor except for some politicians.

Among the worst is: "The guys from the Apprentice could of come up with something better than that." No need to go that far.

Still the brand designed by Wolff Ollins does have something to recommend it - it can be changed.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

I know they spent a year "designing" the brand for the London Olympics at (of course)a massive cost.

In my opinion the logo someone threw together in 30 minutes that shows london with the numbers 2012 woven in beats it by several million miles.


4:44 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


all the alternative designs on the BBC website are better and cost nothing, still Wolf Ollison the responsible parties are happy, who wouldn't be for £450,000

8:26 AM


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